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Trinity Biotech Coag-a-mate* XM Analyzer
Manual coagulation for low volumes—simultaneous testing of different assays (e.g. PT and APTT)
Photo-optical detection with 560nm light source

·  Two test stations with optical sensor

·  16-character LED display per test station

·  User selectable audio warning signal

·  Automatic calibration

·  Programmable software

·  Built-in quality control


·  Coag-a-mate XM Methods:

PT, APTT, TT, Factor assays, Fibrinogen (Clauss and derived)

·  Open user programmable tests



Trinity Biotech MDA* II Analyzer
Patented Waveform Analysis Technology* alerts the operator to abnormal waveform patterns
  • Clotting, chromogenic and immunoassay capability
  • Open and flexible assay/parameter definition
  • Photo-optical, 35 wavelength detection with 395 to 710 nm Tungsten-Halogen light source
  • 180 tests per hour; any test combination
  • Normalization of PT and APTT results between bioMérieux instruments
  • Dyed PT and APTT reagents for volume delivery verification
  • A2 Flag* flags the operator to the presence of the biphasic waveform
  • Random access, batch or STAT modes
  • Up to 170 specimen tubes
  • Cooled reagent bay with 30 positions, allowing 12 assays on-line
  • Sampling of closed primary tubes
  • STAT results without interruption of routine work-flow
  • Sample identification via automatic internal barcode scanning
  • Touch-screen operation on color monitor
  • Graphic display of reference and patient curves, clot waveforms and reactions
  • LIS connection
  • Modem connection for remote diagnosis and service

Trinity Biotech AMAX Destiny and Destiny Plus* Coagulation Analyzers
State-of-the-art optical, chromogenic, and immunoturbidimetric detection systems in one bench-top unit

  • Designed to accommodate a variety of applications across a broad range of laboratory testing
  • Mixed-mode throughput exceeds 95 PT/aPTT/Fibrinogen per hour
  • Capability to perform a full range of chromogenics
  • Well-suited for laboratories processing 30–280 patient files daily
  • System employs the unique gold standard mechanical testing method developed by Amelung
  • Unlimited anytime STAT availability and access
  • Primary tube sampling from 3mL to pediatric draw tubes
  • Bar-coded capability for samples, sample racks, and reagent racks
  • Absolute sample verification by liquid level sensing probe
  • Reagent management by volumes and number of tests remaining
  • Reagent expiration monitoring by label and on-board time
  • Uninterrupted reagent refill and continuous sample loading
  • Mulitiple dilutions/sample
  • User definable automatic repeats, automatic re-dilution, reflexive testing, and real-time validation
  • Bi-directional interface and host query function
  • External keyboard, mouse, and printer
  • User-friendly IntuiTouch software
Test Menu:Mechanical clotting assays
 Optical clotting assays
 Chromogenic assays
 Immunoturbidimetric assays
Sample loading capacity:50
Loading capacity reagents:31–51
Loading capacity cuvettes:440
PT:up to 180 tests/hour
PTT:up to 90 tests/hour
PT/PTT:up to 120 tests/hour
PT/PTT/FIB:up to 100 tests/hour
Assay calibration:During routine processing
QC program:Levy Jennings charts and monitoring for Westgard rule violations
Operating system:Windows* 2000
Monitor:Color touch screen
Remote diagnostics:Integrated modem
User interface software:Windows*-based, icon-prompted
Dimensions (Analyzer):71 x 84 x 68cm

(H x W x B)

Weight (Analyzer):165 lb. (75kg)
Voltage:100–240 VAC; 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption:250 VA
Noise levels:<78 dB
Operating temp. range:10–32°C