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Fisherbrand* Sterile Urine Cup with Boritex*
Designed to preserve urine for tests and studies, such as urine chemistry or cultures, to be done at a later time

  • Sterile 90mL container
  • Boritex* boric acid tablet keeps urine stable for up to 72 hours
  • Ideal preservative system for remote collection sites and delayed laboratory examination
  • Maintains formed elements in urine sediment and key diagnostic markers
  • Provided with patient identification label
  • Case of 400


Therapak* Single-Specimen Collection
Suitable for on-site testing or remote site collection

  • Specifically designed for substance abuse specimen collection
  • Individually bagged
  • Wide-mouth 61/2 oz. collection cup (without cap) is gender friendly for direct void; spout allows easy pouring of sample into transport vials
  • Sterile, wide-mouth 90mL polypropylene containers are leak-resistant and feature an attached cap and sterility seal
  • Temperature strip indicates sample temperature in °C and °F to ensure specimen integrity
  • Available with transport bag constructed with two sealable tamper-evident pouches and absorbent material inside the specimen pouch


Fisherbrand* 60mL DOA Temp-Strip Urine Specimen Containers
Container ID label has a liquid crystal thermometer strip (90° to 100°F)
  • Ideal for collection of urine for drug screening
  • Sterile and nonsterile indicator tab helps assure product sterility and tamper evidence protection before use
  • Bio-Tite* cap is dual-threaded for a leak-resistant seal
  • 100% Virgin medical grade polypropylene for high clarity
  • Nonsterile label reads "Sealed for protection"; Sterile reads "Sterile, tighten the cap securely"
  • White cap

4.5 Ounce Cups


Precision molded 4 1/2 Ounce polypropylene body with a high-density polyethylene screw cap.
  • Quarter-turn screw cap - locks down fast and tight.
  • Graduations - in ounces and milliliters for quick reference.
  • Frosted Areas - for a convenient writing surface.

3 ounce cup

  • Spout for easy pouring of contents
  • Graduated in ounces and milliliters for quick reference.
  • Frosted Areas - for a convenient writing surface.


Part No.



8650   4 1/2 oz. Cup with attached screw cap, individually wrapped, sterile.100
8655   4 1/2 oz. Cup with separate screw cap, bulk pack, non-sterile.500
8660   4 1/2 oz. Cup, bulk pack, non-sterile.500
8665   Screw cap, bulk pack, non-sterile.500
8670   3 oz. Pour cup, bulk pack, non-sterile, no cap.1000