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1000 Series Spectrophotometers


The UNICO 1000 Precisely designed and ruggedly built, this easy-to-use spectrophotometer is ideal for student use in high schools and colleges. It is suitable for general analysis and experiments such as Beer-Lambert, Absorption Spectrum, Chlorophyll, protein (biuret test) more.

The built- in secondary filters reduce stray light and increase precision. The student-proof positive safety stopper integrated with the wavelength dial prevents damage to the monochromator and grating. Large digital display makes reading much easier and analog interface allows customers to collect data easily with external analog device.

Wavelength Range400 -1000 nm
Bandpass20 nm


1100 Series Spectrophotometers


The UNICO 1100 Series Spectrophotometers are simple, reliable and economical. Great for use in many types of laboratories, including educational, clinical, industrial and environmental labs. For education, ask about our new experiment manual, 175 pages of experiments with complete descriptions and answers. Options include COD vial holders, Windows® based application software (1100RS only) and more.

Wavelength Range335-1000 nm
Bandpass10 or 20 nm


1200 Series Spectrophotometers
UNICO 1200 Series are reliable and expandable. UNICO Model 1200 has Absorbance, Transmittance and Concentration modes with automatic zeroing and blanking in a single button push.  Its optional features include Window® based application software for easy data collection by using Microsoft Excel. Its tool-free and alignment-free lamp is ideal for any standard spectrophotometer application, while staying within a conservative budget.

Wavelength Range325-1000 nm
Bandpass5 nm

  Detailed specifications and options

Download S1200 Catalog (.pdf)

UNICO 1205 is a new, advanced design, expanding on the capabilities of its analog cousin, the S1200. The S1205 is an all digital, fully programmable spectrophotometer with 5nm accuracy and push button, digital key pad
wavelength change. This versatile instrument features a wide sample compartment and can accept cuvets up to 50 mm path-length and a
variety of accessories. The wide path length and optional accessories make this unit ideal for water testing, environmental and petroleum industry

Wavelength Range325-1000 nm
Bandpass5 nm

  Detailed specifications and options

  Download S1205 Catalog (.pdf)