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Variable speed Rotator


The L-RT28 Rotator is a compact, durable, variable speed orbital mixer that will accommodate a wide variety of printed well slides, culture plates, flasks and small test tube racks, as well as RPR and VDRL slides or 96 well microtiter (immunoassay) plates. It features a 11"x11" mixing plate with a removable/replaceable rubber pad; variable speed of 25 to 250 rpm; a tachometer with an analog rpm indicator (adjustable); 3 position switch for Constant On/Off/Timed Mixing; indicator bell at end of timed mixing cycle; and small flask hold down spring.


• Compact, durable and variable speed orbital mixer
• 11"x11" mixing plate with a removable/replaceable rubber pad
• Variable speed from 25 to 250 rpm
• Tachometer with an adjustable analog rpm indicator
• 3 position switch for: Constant On, Off, Timed Mixing
• Indicator bell at end of timed mixing cycle
• Small flask hold down spring

22 Multi Mix Rotator


The MTR22 Multi-Mix has the capability to perform three 

modes of mixing, all of which are programmable and can

all be used in the same "run". Or, if you just want to

rotationally mix, set the unit to rotate.

It is very simple to operate and program, runs

can be programmed in seconds. You can mix many
different sizes of tubes ranging from 1.5 ml to 50 ml with the
two interchangeable mixing platforms that come standard with
the unit. Tubes are held in-place with unique rubber flexible
grippers; that surround and firmly hold tubes of varying


The MTR22 can mix in the following motions:
1. Rotate 360°, forward or reverse, and forward, then reverse
2. Reciprocating Rocker, back and forth like a traditional rocker
3. Vortex, (cavitate)


• RPM: Variable from 5 – 30 RPM
• Timer: Up to 999 Seconds, max mixing time: 12 hours
• Reciprocating Timer: Up to 999 Seconds
• Rotation Angle in Reciprocation Mode: 15° - 90° (in 15° increments)
• Turning angle vortex mode: 1 to 5
• Vortexing times: 1 to 5
• Maximum timer: 12 hours
• Power: 110 / 220 V




Barnstead/Thermolyne Multi-Tube Rotator


Ideal for use in hematology, blood-chemistry, and other applications where a continuous, gentle rocking motion is necessary.

Features bi-directional rotation. Provides a circular motion and a rocking pattern to keep liquids and solutions mixed without the potential for shearing or other damage. Rotator's four rubber feet provide stability. Double-sided, non-skid platform surface is made of white silicone and can hold 7mL, 10mL, or 15mL tubes firmly in place. Lightweight metal body is compact and is easy to transport. Angle of rotation is 20° from the horizontal plane.


Note: This product is intended for indoor use only.



Shaker Speed:30 rpm
Voltage Tolerance:±10% of Normal Rated Line
Temperature:15–40°C (59–104°F)
Humidity:80% Maximum, Non-condensing
Altitude:2000 m MSL (Mean Sea Level)
Dimensions:17W x 18H x 21D cm (67/8 x 7 x 81/8")
Platform Dimensions:22W x 13D cm (89/16 x 51/8")
Electrical:120V, 60Hz, 0.3A, 40W
Shipping Weight:3.5 kg (8 lbs.)



Barnstead/Lab-Line Lab Rotators, Adjustable Speed


All-purpose rotators designed to provide long life and dependable service in a variety of applications including microbiology, immunology, and clinical usage. Ideal for general rotation of many types and sizes of labware including flasks, beakers, vials, petri dishes, titer plates, culture plates, and slides. Rotators operate in temperature ranges of 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) and noncondensing humidity conditions from 20–80%, enabling them to be used in general-purpose incubators, warm rooms, environmental chambers, and refrigerators. They accommodate loads up to 4.5kg (10lbs.) Rotators can be set for continuous operation or for timed rotation from 0–60 minutes. Unit will turn off upon completion of cycle. Nonslip rubber strips provide stability on the benchtop. Easy-to-clean white silicone platform mat is autoclavable.


UL and C-UL listed. CE marked.


Speed:40–220 rpm
Orbit:1.9 cm (3/4")