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  • Ten Fixed Volumes Available
  • Narrow Shaft for Universal Tip Fit
  • Removable, Adjustable Tip Ejector
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty


Ideal for applications where specific volumes are used repeatedly, these slender, contoured pipettor bodies fit comfortably in either hand, as well as in large or small hands. In addition, maintenance-free seals and highly polished pistons provide exceptional accuracy and precision, as well as allow the pipettors to be autoclaved repeatedly without recalibration. The corrosion-resistant, stainless steel tip ejector is removable for pipetting into narrow tubes and it can be adjusted to accommodate various types of tips. The slender, tapered shaft provides universal tip compatibility and is highly chemical-resistant.


Pipettor stands hold six pipettors.



Signature™ Multichannel Electronic Pipettors, Variable Volume

  • Exceptional Accuracy and Precision
  • Fully Motorized Piston Drive
  • Six Operational Modes
  • Simple, One-Handed Operation
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty


Ergonomically designed pipettors are lightweight and fit comfortably in the right or left hand. Their LCD and keypad are positioned for optimal viewing and access, allowing for easy one-handed programming. Manifolds rotate for unencumbered pipetting in any direction, and the plunger button reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries by requiring only a small movement of the index finger. As many as nine sets of operating parameters, such as aspirating and dispensing speed, audible signals, ejection alarm, and post-dispensing blowout step, may be stored in memory for future recall.

These multifunctional units feature operational modes for standard and reverse pipetting, multiple and sequential pipetting, mixing of samples, and serial dilutions. A microprocessor ensures accuracy and reproducibility by controlling the fully motorized piston drive to within 1/20 of a revolution, as well as auto-calibrating between pipetting steps and each time an operation is performed. Self-diagnostic software guarantees volume accuracy, battery charge status, and auto-calibration function. Lower portions of pipettors are easily removed for autoclaving. Available in eight- and twelve-channel models.

Pipettors are supplied with a removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charging adapter; extra batteries with stand-alone chargers are available to ensure a fresh battery is always on hand. Accessory charger set includes 120V charger, adapter, and extra battery. The shelf clip, acrylic stand, and carousel stand hold one, three, and six VWR Signature single- or multichannel pipettors, respectively.


Eppendorf* Repeater* Plus Pipetter
Offers expanded dispensing range and makes up to 100 repetitive deliveries


Includes: Individual Certificate of Conformity, one 5mL Combitips Plus tip.


  • Expanded dispensing range of 1.0µL to 10mL including 12µL, 65µL, and 1.1mL
  • Performs a greater number of successive deliveries (up to 100)† from a single aspiration of sample—further enhancing efficiency and reducing tedium
  • Accuracy to ±0.3%; precision to <=0.25%
  • With 20 different volume settings for each of the nine Eppendorf* Combitips* Plus Tip sizes, fewer tips cover a given dispensing range
  • Unit automatically recognizes the size tip in use and displays volume selection on the digital LCD, reducing dispensing errors
  • Tip mounting is quick and easy; removal is hands-off, by a touch of the ejector button
  • Choose from sterile and nonsterile Eppendorf Combitips Plus Tips and Eppendorf Biopur* Combitips Plus Tips, which are certified sterile as well as pyrogen-, RNase-, DNA-, and ATP-free
  • Made of durable materials and designed for smooth operation and user comfort


Compatible Tips: The Repeater Plus Pipetter accepts only Eppendorf Combitips Plus Tips; the original Repeater Pipetter accepts these, as well as the original Eppendorf Combitips Tips.

Warranty: Two year