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1-200 µl / Universal Pipet Tip

  • Graduated at 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 µl
  • Beveled tip for precise and accurate sample discharge.
  • Fits Pipetman, Eppendorf, MLA, Oxford, Titerek, Finnpipette, Socorex, and most multichannel pipettors.
  • Packaged in bulk, stack rack, autoclavable rack, and rack inserts.


100-1000 µl / Universal Pipet Tip

  • Graduated at 100, 250, 500, 750, and 1000 µl
  • Exceptional clarity provides easy sample identification.
  • Metal free natural tip.
  • Reduce inventory levels: Fits Pipetman and Eppendorf pipettors.
  • Packaged in bulk, stack rack, autoclavable rack, and rack inserts.
  • Natural, Yellow, Blue, Sterile and Non-Sterile. 

Selectapette Tips


The Clay-Adams Selectapette tip is also available in bulk pack or tray pack. This tip is also ideal for the Schwarz-Mann pipettor.


Bulk pack, 500/bag, 1000/cs

Filtered Pipet Tips


These pipet tips feature an inert hydrophobic filter to minimize cross contamination from the pipetor. The tips are presterilized.


10 racks of 96 tips each 


Sizes: 10 µl, 20 µl, 100 µl, 200 µl


Size 1000 µl comes 10 racks of 100 tips each





Combitips Plus Pipet Tips

Positive displacement for correct volumes 

Tips function according to the positive-displacement principle, ensuring that the correct volume is dispensed with regard to the density and viscosity of the liquid used. The positive displacement system provides safer dispensing of radioactive and toxic substances as well as solutions with high vapor pressure. No aerosols are formed. 


  • For use with Eppendorf Repeaters (original, Plus, Pro, stream and Xstream); and EDOS (automatic dispensing system)
  • Available in nine volumes from 0.1 to 50mL
  • Reliable results ensured by positive-displacement system
  • Fine tip of Combitip provides exact dispensing without additional pipet tip
  • Polyethylene plunger and polypropylene cylinder make these tips ideal for use with aggressive reagents
  • Choose from sterile and nonsterile Combitips Plus Tips and Eppendorf Biopur tips, which are certified sterile as well as pyrogen-, RNase-, DNA-, and ATP-free



Addditional options and brands available.