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G300 Series


UNICO G300 Series Binocular microscopes are designed for medical, veterinary and educational uses. Whether it is for use in a busy physician's practice, a research department, or anyone else needing the best and most versatile microscope available, the G300 series has a model to meet customer needs.





G304 available with Achromat, SP and PL objectives

G305 with T-mount adapter for SLR camera ( T-wring required)

G305 with C-mount adapter and video camera



Head Precise binocular, trinocular, dual viewing and monocular heads with high quality coated prisms, and a 360° rotation
Eyepiece WF10X/18 eyepieces
Objectives All optical surfaces are precisely polished and coated for best resolution and contrast. The DIN standard objectives are parfocal, parcentered and color-coded. Achromatic, semi-plan and plan objectives are available
StandRuggedly constructed al metal stand features low position coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with tension control and safety stop. Precentered Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder sit firmly in the adjustable substage
StageBuilt-in graduated mechanical stage use ball bearing and precise dovetail mechanism and features low coaxial controls. It is 125 mm x 130 mm in size and has X-Y travel of 30 mm x 60 mm with graduation of 0.1 mm
Illuminator The sturdy metal base accommodates 6V, 20W halogen lamp assembly with brightness intensity control assuring steady, even illumination at all levels. A newly designed lamp compartment features a swing out lamp socket for easy, instant lamp changes
Electric UL & CSA approved electrical parts, three wire grounded electric cord
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Cover Plastic dust cover

Model Configuration
G301MonocularWF10XAchromatic 4X,10X,40XR,100XRMech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G302Dual headWF10x(2) Achromatic 4X,10X,40XR,100XRMech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G304BinocularWF10XAchromatic 4X,10X,40XR,100XRMech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G304SPBinocularWF10XSemi-Plan Phase 4X,10X,40XR,100XR Mech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G304PLBinocularWF10XPlan Phase 4X,10X,40XR,100XR Mech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G305TrinocularWF10XAchromatic 4X,10X,40XR,100XRMech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G305SPTrinocularWF10XSemi-Plan Phase 4X,10X,40XR,100XR Mech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 
G305PLTrinocularWF10XPlan Phase 4X,10X,40XR,100XR Mech.Abbe NA1.256V/20W 



G380 Series


Designed with your viewing comfort in mind. The standard 10X High Eye-Point eyepieces are engineered to

reduce eyestrain for users wearing glasses. Each eye tube features independent focusing diopter adjustment

to compensate for the natural vision differential between each eye. The base design adds stability to the body

while allowing extra room for hand access to the oversized coarse and fine focus controls and easy access

to the coaxial mechanical stage controls.

With use you will come to appreciate the precise mechanical stage movement, optical clarity, flat field and comfortable viewing. A comprehensive manual includes care and maintenance instructions.






Head Available with Monocular, Binocular, Dual View or Trinocular heads. Binocular and Trinocular heads feature Seidentopf optical design with 52 to 75 mm interpupilary distance adjustment. All rotate rotates 360° and lock in-place with a thumbscrew
Coated Optics All optics feature the following coatings: Anti-Glare, Color Correction, Anti-Fungal
Eyepiece Standard with 10X High-Eyepoint widefield oculars. Standard widefield oculars are also available.  FN = 18 mm, optional 20 mm available
Objectives DIN Standard 4X, 10X, 40XP and 100XR (Oil) objectives. 40X and 100X objectives are "R", or retractable.
Nosepiece: 4 hole standard.
Options are: Achromat, Semi-Plan, or Plan Achromats. Simple Phase Contrast is available in 10X, 40X and 100X Semi-Plan.
4X = NA 0.10, 10X = NA 0.25, 40X = NA 0.65, 100X = NA 1.25.
Focal Length:
160 mm
MagnificationWith 10X eyepieces, standard magnification is 40X, 100X, 400X and 1,000X
StandSturdy cast metal frame with unique polymer accent panel, designed to provide stability while dissipating bulb heat
CondenserFeatures a focusable NA 1.25 Abbe condenser with port for optional Simple Phase Contrast Annulus insertion. Focusable for concentrated or diffuse lighting with rack and pinion movement
FocusingSmooth, extra-large graduated coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with tension adjustment to eliminate stage drift.  Adjustable to your personal preferences
StageBuilt-in graduated mechanical stage with low-position coaxial X-Y controls. Ball bearing movement allows for smooth, precise adjustments. Stage size: 142 mm x 132 mm. Range of X-Y stage movement: 55 mm x 75 mm.  Spring loaded slide holder
IlluminationFeatures a 6V/20W Halogen light source for consistent bright white light. Variable intensity rheostat wheel is located on the left side of the base
Iris DiaphragmFeatures adjustable Iris with metal leaf overlay design
Electrical 110V-60 Hz to 240V-50 Hz, universal power supply. The fuse rating is 250V 1.5A. UL & CSA approved electrical parts
Warranty 5-year limited warranty, excludes bulb and fuses
Other Plastic dust cover included


Model Configuration

Dual View
High-Eyepoint WF10X/18Achromatic 4X/10X/40X/100X(oil)
Dual View
High-Eyepoint WF10X/18Semi-Plan 4X/10X/40X/100X(oil)
Dual View
High-Eyepoint WF10X/18Plan Achromatic 4X/10X/40X/100X(oil)

UNICO ZM180 Series zoom stereo microscopes adapt multifunction design and excellent manufacturing technology. The ZM180 have been built to meet customer demands for a reliable performance at a competitive price. The superb quality and affordable price make the ZM180 Series ideal instruments for a variety of industrial, medical, educational, and special OEM applications.

Binocular head features high Eyepoint eyepieces, dual diopter control for sharp, clear focus control matched to individual eye differences. The extended pillar stand allows the user to rotate the entire head assembly to view objects too large to fit on the stage and allows an extended vertical range of motion. Working distance is 108 mm.

The top light is a super bright halogen bulb while the base features a cool-lite fluorescent bulb designed to provide excellent lighting without giving off heat. Four-way lighting controls: Off, Top light only, Bottom light only, Both Top and bottom light on.

A variety of optional accessories make the ZM a versatile scope such as 15x, 20x and 25x eyepieces to expand the magnification range and a fluorescent ring light to eliminate specimen shadowing.














Head Binocular or trinocular body with comfortable 45 inclination angle for fatigue-free viewing. The bodies may be rotated 360° for group sessions
Eyepiece Widefield eyepieces of 10X, 15X, 20X and 25X
Objectives The working distance of zoom body is 108 mm, extendible to 314 mm with 0.3X auxiliary objective. Excellent zoom range from 0.7X to 4.5X. The parfocal zoom system keeps the image in constant focus while zooming. Zoom control knobs are conveniently side-mounted for smooth, comfortable operation
StandWide range of stands, arms, and boom stands
Focus Dual diopter adjustment of 5 diopters enables precisely setting focus according to individuals need. Total magnification range extends from 2.1X to 225X. Intepupillary adjustment range from 55 mm to 75 mm
Illuminator Choice of different illumination systems including fiber optic illuminators. Polarizing attachment and other accessories
Electric UL & CSA approved electrical parts, three wire grounded electric cord
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Cover Plastic dust cover


Model Configuration

ZM181Binocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XPE Stand with ext. pillarNone
ZM181TTrinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XPE Stand with ext. pillarNone
ZM181HFBinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XPE-HF StandTop halogen & Bottom fluorescent
ZM181HFTTrinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XPE Stand with ext. pillarTop halogen & Bottom fluorescent
ZM182PBinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XDPT Stand with top illumination portNone
ZM183FFBinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XDFF StandTop & Bottom fluorescent
ZM184HFBinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XDF-HF StandTop halogen & Bottom fluorescent
ZM184HFTTrinocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XDF-HF StandTop halogen & Bottom fluorescent
ZM184HFT-DNKDigital microscope including ZM184HFT, C-mount, digital lens coupler, for Nikon Coolpix 995 (28mm mount)
ZM186Binocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XBoom Stand with universal armNone
ZM187Binocular WF10X0.7X~4.5XBoom Stand with focusing mountNone