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Electrophoresis System
Unique wedge design holds gel in place without clamps or knobs 

Includes: Upper and lower buffer chambers, power supply leads and cords, two sets of wedges, adapter plate for 10 x 8cm gels, blocking plate
  • Runs one or two gels with no additional cooling
  • Compatible with most precast or self-cast protein gels
  • Durable, fabricated acrylic construction
Specifications & Ordering Information: 
System dimensions: 4.75L x 5.88W x 6.69 in.H (12 x 15 x 17cm)

Warranty: Three-year




Electrophoresis Bundle

Combines the convenience of a one-step vertical electrophoresis system with a mini tank electroblotter for rapid, efficient transfers 

Cast and run gels in one device, then perform uniform, reproducible protein transfers over a wide molecular range. 

Includes: Four blank and four notched glass plates, two 10-well and 15-well 0.8mm-thick combs, 0.8mm-thick spacer set and spacer placer 


Vertical Electrophoresis System


  • Gel assemblies don't have to be moved once set up
  • Simple clamping mechanism makes it easy to load glass cassettes and most precast gels
  • Central cooling core is composed of thermally conductive alumina plates and a unique fluid circulation path which provides even cooling over the entire gel for outstanding resolution and clear banding
  • Ideal for mobility shift assays, second dimension protocols of 2-D electrophoresis, SDS and agarose gels
  • Gel Size: 10 x 8-10cm
  • Dimensions: 1.94L x 8.25W x 7.06 in.H (5 x 21 x 18cm)
  • Buffer Volume: 300mL
Mini Tank Electroblotting System


  • Simultaneously transfers up to four polyacrylamide protein minigels
  • Integrated cooling base allows for temperature-controlled runs
  • Buffer chamber features platinum wire electrode panels
  • Optional stir bars may be added to bottom of buffer chamber for increased circulation and heat exchange
  • Includes safety interlocking lid with attached power supply leads
  • Transfer Area: 9 x 9cm
  • Dimensions: 7.06L x 5.13W x 6.5 in.H (18 x 13 x 16.5cm)
  • Buffer Volume: 1.4L

Warranty: Electrophoresis system is backed by a three-year warranty.


FB-SB Series

Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems.
Choose from four systems 

Minigel System


  • Ideal for quick screening
  • Uses 7 x 10cm gel tray with two comb positions
  • Runs up to 16 samples on one gel with combs supplied
  • Can run up to 24 samples on a gel with accessory combs
  • Provides easy, leak-free casting without tape, grease or seals

Midigel Systems


  • Available with patented buffer recirculation method which prevents buffer's ionic depletion on long gel runs, keeps ionic gradients from distorting results when multiple sample series are run simultaneously and prevents pH changes that can cause problems in RNA gels
  • Provide leak-free gel casting in 13 x 16cm gel tray with two comb positions
  • Run up to 32 samples on one gel with combs supplied or up to 48 samples with accessory combs

Large Gel Systems


  • Improve resolution in Northern and Southern blotting of large gels and multiple samples
  • Available with same self-contained buffer recirculation method as Midigel System (FB-SBR-1316)
  • Provide leak-free casting in a 20 x 25cm gel tray with six comb positions
  • Run up to 36 samples per comb position with supplied combs
  • Permit up to four sets of samples to be run equal distances on the same gel
  • Allow shorter gels to be poured when used with accessory wall comb
  • May also be used with programmable power inverter for field inversion electrophoresis
  • Include a three-point leveling platform

Wide-Format System


  • Permits leak-free casting in an 18 x 23cm gel tray
  • Runs 25 to 250 samples simultaneously on one gel
  • Produces clear, tight banding patterns with no "smiling"
  • May be used with included microwell-format combs and a multichannel pipetter to load samples directly from a 96-well plate for faster loading and reduced error
System Components
SystemMinigelMidigelLarge GelWide Format
Buffer ChamberYesYesYesYes
Safety Lid with attached power supply leadsYesYesYesYes
UV-Transparent Gel TrayYesYesYesYes
Nonskid Rubber FeetYesYesYesYes
Three-Point Leveling SystemNoNoYesNo
CombsTwo 1.5mm thick combs (6- and 10-well)Two 1.5mm thick combs (12- and 20-well)Three 1.5mm combs (16-, 24-, 36-well)Five microwell format combs


FB-VE20-1, FB-VE16-1, FB-VE10-1

Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Choice of 10 x 10cm, 16 x 14cm, or 20 x 20cm gel size

Key Features


  • Systems are double-sided, allowing two protein gels to be run simultaneously
  • Gel assemblies don't need to be moved after the gel is set
  • Sliding clamp assemblies make system setup a snap and prevent leaks
  • Electrode configuration reduces run times
  • Increased electrode surface area provides exceptional field uniformity
Safety Features


  • Asymmetrical shape prevents mismatching of electrodes
  • Interlocking safety lid with attached power cords protect against electric shock
System Components
Upper Buffer Chamber with Cooling ChamberYesYesYes
Lower Buffer ChamberYesYesYes
Safety Lid (with attached power supply leads)YesYesYes
Clamp AssembliesFourFourFour
Gel CasterYesYesNo
PlatesFour blank and two notched glass plates, two notched alumina platesFour blank and two notched glass platesFour blank and four notched glass plates
CombsTwo 10-well, 0.8mm thickTwo 10-well and two 15-well, 1.5mm thickTwo 15-well and two 20-well, 1.5mm thick
Side SpacersFour, 0.8mm thickEight, 1.5mm thickEight, 1.5mm thick