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Precision molded microcentrifuge tubes are available in an assortment of sizes and colors to meet your needs.

  • Polypropylene tubes have: flat tops for writing on, graduations, and writing area on the side of the tube.
  • All tubes tolerate centrifugal forces of up to 18,000 RCF.



  • 2.0 ml: Made from premium polypropylene, these tubes are available in all colors.
  • 1.5 ml: Made from premium polypropylene, these tubes are available in two cap styles: click-seal and standard. Available in all colors.
  • 500 µl: Made from premium polypropylene with an attached cap, these tubes are available in all colors.
  • 400 µl: Made from premium polypropylene, with an attached cap and available in all colors.  




    These 15ml conical centrifuge tubes, made from premium polystyrene or polypropylene, offer results of precision and accuracy, Features include:

    • Plug caps made from low-density polyethylene with leakproof seals.
    • Accurate graduations for precise results.
    • Various packaging configurations.


    Also availabe in Bulk quantities.






    Premium quality general purpose centrifuge tubes with optional printed graduations.
    • Easy to Read
      • Available with molded-in graduations, or for exceptional reading ease, printed graduations.
      • Large writing area on printed tubes makes identification simple.
    • Superior Clarity and Durability
      • 50 ml: Made from premium polypropylene copolymer for excellent chemical resistance; withstands temperature extremes of -40º C to 125º C; high centrifugation of 10000 RCF; exceptional clarity.
      • 15 ml: Available in polystyrene or polypropylene. Polystyrene offers glass-like clarity and can withstand 1800 RCF. Polypropylene has excellent chemical resistance and can withstand 6400 RCF.
    • Various Packaging
      • Available in Bulk, Bag Pack, or expanded styrene Foam Trays.
      • Available non-sterile, or sterilized by gamma irradiation. C to 125
    • Leakproof Seal
      • Molded in seal-ring ensures a leakproof seal without the contamination problems associated with cap liners.


    Higher-Speed Easy ReaderPlastic Centrifuge Tubes

    Withstand higher speeds than other Easy Reader tubes—up to 9400xG 

    • RNASE- and DNASE-free
    • Non-pyrogenic
    • Made of durable, chemical-resistant, clear polypropylene
    • With black graduations and white marking area
    • With conical bottoms
    • Black printed graduations are marked in 5mL increments from 5 to 50mL; a large white marking area makes labeling samples easy
    • Tubes are sterilized by gamma radiation

    Two Cap Styles


    • Both styles offer secure, leak-resistant seals
    • Blue plug-seal closure features double-start thread design for an exceptionally tight seal
    • Flat-top caps offer faster handling and allow you to label the top of the tube


    Available packed in foam racks or in bulk packs.


    Many other options and sizes available. Please contact us for details.